AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs inbound With 5.5GHz Clock Speeds and 15% Faster Cores


AMD is finally giving gamers what they’ve been asking for: more power and lower pricing. The CEO of AMD, Dr Lisa Su used her Computex 2022 keynote speech to reveal all about the company’s upcoming Ryzen 7000 series CPUs that will be coming out this summer! These new chips are specifically designed with high-end gaming in mind but also offer improved performance over previous generations as well so it doesn’t matter if you’re a laptop or desktop user because there’ll always be something available tailored just right according your needs – which has become increasingly important with recent technological advances making older devices obsolete faster than ever before. Not that we are complaining.

With the latest Zen 4 cores, AMD has closed one of their largest gaps to Intel. In single-core workloads, like those often imposed by games and peak performance tests at 5GHz with boost clocks reaching almost 6Ghz on an Ryzen 9 5950X compared against 15% faster speeds from a regular i7 7700K running smoothly without any lag or pause during gameplay while also scoring high marks for being able stay cool enough so you don’t have GPU temperature issues either! This is achieved by the Zen 4 CPU core which is manufactured using a 5nm process nearly 30% smaller than current gen chipsets. This allows for more cores and is how we can expect big generational improvements like never seen under the previous reign of Intel as the top dog.

Zen 4 chips will be coming with twice the L2 cache size of their predecessors, and it is possible that this could inspire a similar trend for faster performance in games or other applications like we have enjoyed in recent years. Dr Su showed the 16 core Ryzen 7000 chip comfortably beating Intel’s own high end models when running Blender rendering tests at very fast speeds; thus far we haven’t seen any benchmarks from either company regarding these newest processors but they seem like big upgrades nonetheless! With RDNA 2 integrated graphics across all entries as standard there is no more confusing naming conventions and is great for the budget gamers out there.

The first Ryzen 7000s are coming this autumn and they’ll be packing some serious speed credentials. Not only do these CPUs have an improved clock rate, but you’ll also get DDR5 memory support as well as PCIe 5.0 ready for use right out of the box! I’m excited because it means more options in my favorite departments: gaming/computing with graphics cards or just pure processing power without any need to switch ports on whatever badge built system is running home theatre duty at present.

In a move that should surprise no one, AMD has announced the retirement of its long-serving AM4 socket in favor for something new. The Ryzen 7000 family also finally brings an end to coolers compatible with both processors and motherboards via old standards like DDR3 or even GDDR5 modules which are still used by many modern graphics card designs today!

The three previously unreleased mobo chipset models – X670E, X670 and B650 will be the new enthusiast grade hardware. They all support PCIe 5.0 for storage and graphics and have headroom for overclocking making them an exciting entry into the line-up.

With the release of their new Smart utilities, AMD has included little performance-boosting bonuses that are enabled when running both an AMD CPU and GPU. Their “Smart Access Storage” supports Microsoft DirectStorage–a system trick designed to make games loaded faster on supported systems by avoiding data transfer bottlenecks caused from using traditional hard drives or SSDs alone; this means you’ll be able play your favorite title without experiencing slow down!

The new AMD processor line is shaping up to be a fairly radical shake-up of the Ryzen series, but even down to their fun shape! It would have been disappointing if they didn’t go all in with this update.